Brookfield Platinum

To meet high demand from high-class catering and high street butchers, DB Foods are proud to have its flagship Brookfield Platinum Brand. Brookfield Platinum has evolved from a very simple idea; that butchers want and need meat that has unmatched quality and consistency.

As farmers ourselves we understand what it takes to rear the finest livestock and produce a quality product: with our partner farms across Europe, we think with the Brookfield Platinum Brand we’ve achieved just that.

Brookfield Platinum is distributed by the UK’s largest independent wholesaler, DB Foods. We are a family owned business and distribute nationwide through our own modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Brookfield Platinum is another great addition to DB Food’s already comprehensive range of meat, poultry, deli and game.

DB foods have established itself as one of the UK’s leading national red meat, poultry, game and deli processors and wholesalers. With a proven track record in supplying a diverse customer base from independent high street retailers through to supermarkets, if you are interested in working with us then don't hesitate to contact us.