Brookfield Farm

Brookfield Farm Produces high welfare English veal, beef, and pork fresh from the West Country. All producers for Brookfield farm have the RSPCA’s Freedom Food accreditation, further supporting our commitment to farm animal welfare.

Brookfield Game

A comprehensive range of naturally free range wild British and Irish game. All Brookfield Game is wild shot and not farmed. We source directly from trained hunters, shoots, and estates across the British Isles.

Brookfield Platinum

To meet high demand from high-class catering and high street butchers, DB Foods are proud to have its flagship Brookfield Platinum Brand. Brookfield Platinum has evolved from a very simple idea; that butchers want and need meat that has unmatched quality and consistency.

DB Foods Prime

DB Foods created DB Prime to be a quality, reliable and consistent product as per our customer's needs. All products that carry the DB Prime mark are checked at every stage of production providing integrity, consistency, and excellent eating quality.

DB Foods Select

DB Foods know how to do the simple things right. For everyday essential red meat and poultry products, we have developed a variety of products that offer the best value to suit our customer's needs in the DB Select brand.

Muscle Foods

A consumer facing, multi-platform, niche grocery retailer for Sports Nutrition. Currently the fastest growing brand in the United Kingdom with a presence both online and in retail.

Mossel Bay

From the southern coast of South Africa comes exceptional quality free range ostrich. Very low in cholesterol and fat, but very high in protein, ostrich meat offers a unique combination of healthy nutrition and flavour.

Brookfield Organic

Marketed under the Brookfield Organic brand, DB Foods work directly with British farmers to provide a range of Soil Association Approved Organic Products.

DB Foods Cured

DB Foods developed DB Cured to offer our customers a premium gammon and bacon range using only traditional Wiltshire curing ingredients.