Wholesale products

One of DB Foods greatest strengths is not only the breadth of range it carries, but the fact that stock is always available. Unlike many of its depot based competitors, DB Foods is able to store goods under one roof. Operating out of one ‘Super Depot’ means it has the space to hold an enormous range and quality of stock. Great pride is taken in the fact that customers receive orders that are both punctual and complete.

Whilst the core products are beef, lamb, pork, veal, poultry and game, increasingly exotics and deli products are expanding the range. This increased range has often been driven by the customer searching for that point of difference.

Wholesale Beef

As Beef Farmers ourselves we think that we know a thing or two about what constitutes great beef. Be it meeting a price point on British or Irish mince, sourcing our very own Ruby Red Devon or Belted Galloway cattle, to Wagyu steaks from the southern hemisphere, DB Foods can offer a wide and varied Range.

Wholesale Poultry

With a dedicated stand-alone poultry production unit processing over 100 tonnes a week of UK and EU poultry, DB Foods can offer a almost limitless array of bespoke poultry products. From British Red tractor, Free Range and Organic, EU, Halal and french corn-fed to marinated product, the choice and quality we can offer is second to to none.

Wholesale Pork

Through our prestigious Brookfield Farm brand, DB foods are proud to hold a compassion in world farming, ‘Good Pig Award’. The bulk of our pigs are sourced from one RSPCA assured farm in Wiltshire. By dealing direct with the farmer, High Welfare Pork with provenance can be sourced at commercially viable prices. A win-win for all concerned.

Wholesale Lamb

From the four corners of the UK, Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland, DB Foods source lamb, hogget and mutton directly with farmers. It’s this novel partnership that helps drive costs without the need for compromise on provenance, welfare and quality.

Wholesale Veal

Our very own Brookfield Farm Veal is certainly high profile, be it winning ‘Compassion in World Farming @ Awards our appearance on the BBC's countryfile (two to date). RSPCA Assured, Veal’s healthy credentials (1/6th the amount of saturated fat compared to beef) is helping it regain ground in mainstream catering.

Wholesale Game

Underdeveloped in food service, increasingly mainstream elsewhere. Over many years our business has fostered relationships with estates and shoots across the British Isles to provided venison game birds and ground game. These close partnerships bring such advantages as breed and /or region specific produce, coupled with a commercial offering.

Wholesale Exotics

DB Foods we see exotics as the next big thing. Our retail arm already supplies mainstream multiples with exotics in surprisingly large volumes. Dealing directly , for example with free range ostrich farms in South Africa, means we’re able to supply quality innovative products, commercially priced.

Wholesale Deli

Sourced from Artisan producers both here in the UK and Europe, DB Foods provided a vast and comprehensive range of deli products. From Cheese to cooked meats, egg products to pies, pates to dry cured.

Organic Products

All DBF Organic product is accredited by the Soil Association. DBF have Soil Association approved Organic Production facilities and currently cut, process and pack Organic Beef from the West Country and Organic Pork from Eastbrook Farms, Wiltshire.

Halal Products

All halal meat products are purchased from suppliers with halal certification and prepared in a specific unit which is not used for haram (impermissible) food preparation. No pork or pork by-products are held in this unit. DB Foods Ltd is Halal Certified by Halal Consultations LTD.

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